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mile-long river separating texas and oklahoma has which colorful here are the winning pick three numbers: 3 6 6 here are the winning pick four numbers: 1 0 2 6 the mega-millions jackpot is now $86 million balloon ot sfilodour in medical watch.. why more doctors are recommending that women delay giving birth until 39 weeks -- if they can. a new study finds that children born too early show lower reading and math test scores in school. the researchers report even babies who are technically born at term.. 37 or 38 weeks.. do worse than those who are delivered later. although a pregnancy is considered full term at 37 weeks.. doctors are increasingly recommending that women wait until they're 39 weeks along to deliver.. because babies do a lot of critical development in those last two weeks. it's best known for reducing wrinkles.. but botox may also ease tremors for patients with multiple sclerosis. researchers randomly gave botox or an inactive placebo by injection to 23 ms patients with tremors in their arms. 12 weeks later, they reversed the injections so each arm ultimately re
. ♪ ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. a texas law that requires voters to produce a government-issued photo is the focus of court case in washington dc this week. the state of texas claims the law will prevent voter fraud and is seeking to persuade a three- judge panel to uphold the statute. but the justice department and other groups say the law disproportionately affects minority voters, and they want it thrown out. the case will be a test of the voting rights act, passed in 1965, which was designed to protect minorities' rights to vote. six u-s soldiers were killed in a roadside blast yesterday in eastern afghanistan. officials said the troops were killed by an improvised explosive device. the identities of the soldiers have not been released. those six americans were among at least *eight* international soldiers killed in afghanistan over the weekend. a power struggle is brewing in egypt... between the newly elected president, and the military. yesterday, president mohamed morsy called for parliament to go back into session tomorrow. that decision goes directly
in texas for a mental examination. a judge will decide his fate at a court hearing on august 6th. a remarkable discovery in switzerland: scientists say they are one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of the universe -- possibly discovering a new particle -- called the higgs boson. >>my congratulations to everyone involved in this tremendous achievement ... for me it is really an incredible thing that it has happened in my lifetime ... the particle is named after professor peter higgs, a theoretical physicist -- who predicted its discovery. some call it the god particle. scientists say the particle could help us uncover how man was made and how the universe began. today's announcement in geneva is based on data from the large hadron collider. the announcment comes just two days after sceintists at fermilab near batavia said they were getting closer to proving the existence of the particle. coming up...american heros getting a paw up in life... how pups are helping veterans. what congressman joe walsh said after a recent campaign appearance. and, cook and writer sha
four numbers: 7 7 5 9 scientists in texas are taking an unusual approach to figure out what causes autism... they're studying baby teeth. they're calling it the "tooth fairy study." researchers have been collecting baby teeth donated from children with and without autism. they grind up the teeth.. turn them into liquid.. then make it into gas. the gas is then run through a device which can detect particles like pesticide... plastics... and medicine. researchers hope to learn if a link exists between environmental factors and autism. drinking coffee while pregnant will not make your child hyperactive. a new dutch study found no link between caffeine consumption during pregnancy and future child behavioral problems. researchers studied nearly 3500 five and six-year olds. they found youngsters whose mothers drank around three cups of coffee a day had no greater risk of suffering from "inattention" than those who had none. however.. researchers note the results don't mean caffeine may not be harmful for other developmental issues. ladies, want to lose weight? .. record what you eat! a
and visit texas tonight. the cubs celebrate "ron santo day" this afternoon when they take on the cardinals at wrigley. they changed northwestern debuted new uniforms at big ten football media day downtown. but the focus was on the n-c-a-a sanctions against penn state that allow players to transfer schools without losing a year of eligiblity. some big ten coaches including northwestern's pat fitzgerald, say they won't recruit penn state players. however, new fighting illini coach tim beckman says players have already contacted him about potential tranfers to illinois, and members of his staff met with players earlier this week. the n-b-a regular season schedule is out... and the bulls open the season at home on halloween night against the sacramento kings. they play at home christmas night, hosting jeremy lin, omer asik and the houston rockets. the lakers visit on january 21st, and the bulls host the defending champion miami heat twice, starting in february... derrick rose could return from his knee injury by then. join mark suppelsa for a half hour special "pension games" at 9:30 monday ni
and his second straight game-winning hit. sox win 2-1. this is the first time texas has been swept all season. the sox' "take jake" campaign fell just short. jake peavy was second to the rangers' yu darvish in voting for the final all-star spot. despite being runner- up peavy says it was one of the coolest experiences and he appreciates all the support. peavy makes his last start before the all-star break tonight against the blue jays. the bulls won't be getting brandon roy... he's verbally agreed to a two-year, 10 million dollar deal with the timberwolves. roy is a three-time all-star but did not play last season due to chronic knee problems. elsewhere, jason kidd is leaving the mavs for a three- year deal in new york, while jeremy lin signed a 4-year offer sheet with houston. the knicks can still match that deal after the 11th. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. here are the winning pick three numbers: 0 7 2 here are the winning pick four numbers: 6 5 6 2 the mega-millions jackpot is $12 million ... i'm a marathon runne in absolu
, san antonio, lubbock, amarillo, san angelo, and abilene, texas.. riverside california.. billings, montana.. and twin falls, idaho. 41 agents working at those stations will be moved closer to the u.s. southern and northern borders. a spokesman says the change was not influenced by any recent news involving immigration. closing the nine stations is expected to save 1.3 million dollars a year. egypt's parliament met today ... in a defiance of the country's military rulers. new president mohammed morsy convene parliament for the first time since egypt's highest court said the parliamentary elections were unconstitutional. after the ruling .... the military disbanded the parliament. the military has been running the country since last year ... swhen longtime president hosni mubarek was overthrown in a revolution. teenager in florida... chomping-off part of his right arm. the 11 foot gator lunged at 17 year-old kaleb langdale as he swam in a river, and took him under. the gator took-off his right arm below the elbow. wildlife officers later caught and killed the gator, and retrieved
here but in the meantime it's producing flooding in the houston texas area and we have heat warnings out west some of that will be heading our way this weekend the chance of rain this weekend is very light it will be spotty here and there we really need a good drenching of maybe 3 in. are more we will look for tomorrow to be around 90 degrees in joy this beautiful day mostly sunny skies around 88 degrees 80 degrees at the beaches ... for tonight it will be clear. not at school as the 64 decrees we had last night ... tomorrow 91 degrees 84 at the lakefront friday will become humanid.. and temperatures will remain in the '90s time for today's trivia: in what year was baseball's national league formed? a. 1872 b. 1876 c. 1901 the answer still to come this midday.... the most destructive wildfires in colorado history has been contained. officials made the announcement yesterday the 29 square miles orwaldo canyon fire ravaged northwest colorado for two to three weeks killing two people and destroying 350 homes more than 30,000 people were forced away from their homes the cause is still u
... >>it will be hard going west once we hit the tip of texas and new mexico and arizona so that's the stuff we're trying to get prepared for to see how we will do this that will be the tough part ... the team has plenty of water packed in a support vehicle volunteers will be checking up on the walker says they pounded the summer pavement's ... they have already covered lots of ground from new york to illinois the pastor said he encountered countless compassionate people who have donated about $600,000 thus far toward this community center many of them aware of the deadly violence that is plaguing chicago this year pastor burke's hopes to arrive in the l.a. sometime in october when he hopes to be closer to the $15 million fund-raising goal live in the woodlawn neighborhood i'm and nancy loo still to come tom skilling as with the full weather forecast think you can't get great auto insurance coverage and a great rate? think again! mary switched to allstate got an agent, and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched, got an agent and saved $263.00! drivers who sw
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9